Jeff Mitchell


Jeff Mitchell, a partner of Proteus since 2000, helps executives and leadership teams envision the organization they hope to create, clarify the essentials of their most pressing challenges and create practical plans to make their vision a reality.

Jeff has deep experience as a learning and development professional. He is recognized for designing learning experiences, not just as "training," but as a way to solve business problems. His programs have helped people better lead, manage, coach, sell, decide, and present, enhancing everything from back-office efficiency to customer experience.

Jeff's work has helped Fortune 100 companies and promising start-ups, including Citibank, Comcast, FedEx, Gap, General Electric, NetSuite, Nike, PwC, Rockwell Automation, Scotiabank, TJX, Turner International, Verizon, Virgin America and The Weather Channel.

Before joining Proteus, Jeff was president of two corporate training organizations, Ridge Associates and Forman/Greene, and also served as managing director of Experience Engineering, a customer experience consultancy.