Soon, you’ll participate in a WICT workshop where you’ll learn and practice skills and approaches that will help you grow as a manager and as a leader.

Please complete all pre-work by March 17, 2021 at noon EST.

Before joining make sure to have the most current Zoom version. Upgrade/update to the latest version


There are two assessments that need to be completed and you will need to reach out and invite colleagues to also complete the surveys.


This survey will tell you how others view your work style—where it helps or gets in the way of productive work relationships.

Complete the survey about yourself, then, ask 6-8 of your colleagues who work most closely with you to take the survey about you. Obtaining more than 8 responses will not increase the accuracy of your report. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. Soon, you will receive an email from with the link and User ID to access the survey website. The subject line of the email is: “RLP – SOCIAL STYLE Survey”.

Accepted Leader Assessment

Complete the survey about yourself and then invite the people whom you lead (“raters’') to complete the survey on your behalf. Select as raters primarily your followers (‘formal’—direct reports, or ‘informal—people whom you mentor/manage more informally). A minimum of 3 responses are needed. Your manager and peers should be categorized as ‘other’.

Please check your email for an invitation from The subject line will be “RLP – Accepted Leader Assessment.”

Your colleagues will be more likely to help if they know what’s coming. Email them now. Here’s an example of what to say:

Dear Colleague,

I’m attending a leadership workshop soon and I need your help. You’ll soon receive an email asking you to complete 1 or 2 surveys about me. Please complete the surveys by March 17 at 12 p.m. EST or sooner. Be honest; your responses will be anonymous, and I really want to get accurate feedback. If you get two survey requests, please complete them both. Look for an email from and/or

Building relationships with strong women leaders, like you, is an important part of the experience.

Please record a 60 second video introducing yourself. Tell us your name, company, role, where you live and one interesting fact about you. It could be a hobby or how you’re spending your free time during quarantine. And if a pet or a child makes it into the video, we won’t complain : ). We’ll share the videos with your Rising Leader’s colleagues.

Upload you video HERE (use the blue UPLOAD button in upper right hand corner). Title the video file with your first and last name.

Here’s a short video on your instructors:

Jen Sherman

Cari Windt

Therese Miclot

Raabia Shafi

What Makes a Leader



Read Chapter One of Being Strategic. You will also receive a code to download an e-book of Being Strategic.

Time to Complete: 25 minutes
Due: Before attending

Identify one current challenge. It might be about what isn’t working in your role/job/career or it might be about an issue with your team’s performance, or addressing a business challenge that will require lot of change. Identify a high-priority issue—something that might take 12-18 months to implement—and be ready to work on that challenge in the workshop.

Begin working on your individual challenge now so that we can use our time together most effectively. The following questions help you frame your challenge—please be prepared to share it.

What isn’t working?

People generally don’t like to focus on what isn’t working. We tend to move too quickly to solutions. We don’t want to think about what isn’t working; we want to fix it! To be strategic about crafting a solution, though, we have to get clear about the problem. Take a few moments to note on a blank sheet of paper what isn’t working right now relative to your current situation at work.

How can we/I…?

Once you’ve looked clear-eyed and unflinching at what isn’t working, it’s fairly easy to frame the challenge. It helps to put it in the form of a “how can I” question (e.g., “How can I keep my most promising managers highly engaged until more senior roles become available?”) That kind of question helps you state your desired outcome.

Review what you wrote above about what’s not working now relative to your current situation at work and then write down a simple “how can I” question that captures the core of your problem.

Would this feel like success?

This is your checking question. It gives you a way to make sure you’ve defined the challenge accurately. Just ask yourself, “If I found the answer to my ‘how can I’ question, would I feel I had succeeded in addressing this challenge?” If not, revise the question until meeting the challenge would feel like success.

Not sure you’ve defined your challenge well? Watch Erika Andersen, author of Being Strategic describe how.


Define the Challenge

Time to Complete: 24 minutes
Due: Before Week 3

Program Materials (click on and download)

Field Guide

Week One; My Leadership Development Plan, Conversation with a Stranger (Questions and Trios), S2 skillcard and Style Reading Form

Week Two: PPI Tactical Approach Handout, Reflect, Renew, Connect Activity

Week Three: Executive Presence Skillcard, Being Strategic Skillcard, Career Example, HR Example

Program with Headshots/Bios

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