As life and business get ever-more complex, building your skills in being strategic allows you to chart a clear course to the future for yourself, your team and your business.

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Video Part I: Being Strategic Introduction
Video Part II: Defining the Challenge
Video Part III: Clarifying What Is
Video Part IV: Envisioning the Hope
Video Part V: Facing what’s in the Way
Video Part VI: Determining What’s the Path
Video Part VII: What’s Next—Staying Strategic
Audio The Proteus Leader Show #10: Politics, Power and Influence – Breaking Through, With Integrity Preview
Audio The Proteus Leader Show #16: Making Strategy Real Preview
Audio The Proteus Leader Show #32: True Partnership Preview
Audio Blog Business Success with Wayne Hurlburt on Being Strategic
Video “Being Strategic” book introduction by author Erika Andersen Preview
Audio McCoughlin at Work: Coaching—Strategic and Personal